Tawny and Perilous, Copic Art Cards

Lady Rawr, and A Sister of the Dewdrop Clan
2.5″ x 3.5″ pen and ink with Copic markers

Half-sister to Ladies Mrowr and HisstLady Rawr is CEO of a thriving production collective specializing in small decorative spheres made from aluminum foil. They call the outfit Shiny Things on Strings.

Hello visitors from Paint Party Friday!

I have also produced this exceedingly wonky house, a questionable foray into perspective. Color coming in the next post. Thanks for stopping in!

Lil Lopsided
2.5″ x 3.5″ Prismacolor 005

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19 thoughts on “Tawny and Perilous, Copic Art Cards

  1. AyalaArt

    Beautiful ladies! I love the steps of your process, is that a blog widget? Looks great!
    I’m sure the little house will look fantastic when you are done

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Thank you! The slideshow is a WordPress plugin called Portfolio Slideshow.

  2. giggles

    I cease to be amazed by all the gorgeous whimsy so beautifully created here!! Thanks for sharing your prolific self! You inspire!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. Tracey Fletcher King

    your wonky house is delightful and is going to look all kinds of wonderful with colour added… and I love the slideshow… watching your work emerge and take shape is so informative and interesting…xx

  4. Michelle Mathey - POMI

    Tawny and/or perilous – two adjective I’d love to have describe me!! Adore these ladies!! Your description of Lady Rawr’s company made me giggle!! Such an imagination you have!

  5. AnnD

    Here’s what I need from you: “Cindy’s Art: The Home Game!” I admit that I have a terrible headache right now, but I was going back and forth between progress pics, trying to see if I had truly found all the things you added between one the next. I probably missed several (totally blaming the headache), but I had no way to know if I was right! I need a buzzer sound to tell me when I am not right! Or a happy (quiet) dinging to tell me when I am! LOL

    These are spectacular! I absolutely cannot get over what a sensual beauty the Sister is. There is something so lush about those lips! And that hair! And even the placement of that gorgeous eye!

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