Sullen Witch, Tiny Things in Bottles & Happy Inktober!

Annabelle, 2.5″ x 3.5″
Copics, fine liners, white gel pen

It is the first of October and also the first day of Inktober! Are you going to do some? Hilariously, on the very first day of Inktober I forgot to scan this sullen little witch before adding color. For tomorrow and the rest of Inktober I hope to remember to scan new projects in ink before they get color.

And here’s some tiny bottles for a “Things in Bottles” swap at I have to do two more. Perhaps I will post them for Inktober and then color them. Or perhaps there will be other plans!

Model Home and Abandoned City
Each 2.5″ x 3.5″ ink, Copics, gel pen

New plans might be made. Some plans might be broken. And so it goes. Thanks for dropping in! The plan is to post every day this month… we shall see!

11 thoughts on “Sullen Witch, Tiny Things in Bottles & Happy Inktober!

  1. Carol Samsel

    Love those bottle ones!!!!! So much detail in every one. Annabelle is very sullen looking but she has her own beauty too. Thanks for sharing and it will be nice to see you every day :)

  2. Anita Mistry

    Hehehe what you do to upset the little witch she doesn’t look happy at all. There’s lots of these ‘fests’ going on this month isn’t there? I’m doing the blogtoberfest – blogging everyday :) Anita

  3. Elena Caravela

    A neighborhood in a bottle-lots of fun! Is your little witch disgruntled because she feels claustrophobic;)? Happy Inktober!

  4. John V. Fitzgerald

    Hi Cindy…. very nice work I love your technique and style. What is the best paper to use with Copic pens? I love to do Zentangle art.

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Thanks, John! I mostly use Bristol, both smooth and vellum style. Watercolor paper can be really interesting but the absorbency sucks up quite a lot of ink. I have also tried some of the thinner, very smooth papers that are specifically marketed for markers, but I use way too many layers and that sort of paper doesn’t really hold up for me.

  5. clara

    Cute witch….she certainly is sullen! And the little tiny houses in bottles are just adorable……a series of these are sure to be fantastic……didn’t you have a tiny community inside a waterdrop a while ago??

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Thanks, Clara! Yes I did! I think it had tiny mermaids in it. Holy cow, that seems like such a long time ago!

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