Legend of the Sleeping Kitten

Legend of the Sleeping Kitten
4″ x 6″ pen and ink, Copic markers

This was actually the first of the secret santa bunch, which includes the sleeping tiger and sleeping dragon previously posted. The Legend of the Sleeping Kitten turned into a sort of universal foundation tale with slightly different details in different parts of the world. Hence: a kitten, a tiger, a dragon. It is my intention to write a book in 2015. Perhaps their stories will be in it!

Here are a couple sketches done using my new fancy Luxo magnifying light.

Steampunk Hornbill and Elvish Snow Queen, in progress
Each 2.5″ x 3.5″ pencil, ink

Thanks for dropping in! I’ve had some blog issues recently so am slow to post. The holidays are always a strange time, aren’t they?

Also, you MUST WATCH THIS cute and hilarious (and short!) thing. I would not steer you wrong.

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8 thoughts on “Legend of the Sleeping Kitten

  1. minnemie

    Oh yes, yes, yes, DO write a book! You must! Love the kitten/mushroom combination. Love the perspective as the mushrooms shrink into the distance. The border is also a nice touch!

  2. linda (dots n doodles)

    Aww, your cat is so cute! Love the variety of mushrooms and the border. Please do write a book, I know it will be well received. Such a fabulous and hilarious video, thanks for adding it to your blog.

  3. Elena Caravela

    This kitty is special! Her expression is exactly right. I also like the way the giant mushroom brakes the border. The sketches look terrific too.

  4. Mom

    Dear Cindy: Thought you were extra busy @ work because of the time you spent with us-but surprised that we hadn’t had a new critter for a while. Love the new Kitty-& am so happy that you’ve decided to start “the
    Book” !! Love.Mom

  5. Ann D'Angelo

    OMG, that video! That was the best thing!

    Your sleeping feline is also spectacular, even though it doesn’t sing or snow on itself. And for the record, I am still obsessed with underground mushrooms.

    Oh! And the very biggest mushroom transforming in the progress pics. Your progress pics rule.

  6. clara

    Adorable…….I love the kitten and underground and aboveground mushrooms…..how creative!! Steampunk hornbill is fantastic too….love to see him in color. Great news on the book…….can’t wait to see it!

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