Pilar and Santos, a Tale of Love with Tequila Corks

Pilar and Santos 1

Pilar and Santos 2 

Pilar and Santos 3

Pilar and Santos 4

As mentioned in the previous post, I was challenged to do some Day of the Dead imagery on Patrón corks. These are the result (more than a year later)!

These may get hair/hats/accessories, but I felt the need to post them as is! I need to seal them with something. AnnD of Wonderstrange has suggested Krylon, so I may get some of that.

Thanks for dropping in!

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9 thoughts on “Pilar and Santos, a Tale of Love with Tequila Corks

  1. MOM

    These Guys are cuties &they do look so different when you turn them around!
    By the way I have many pics from our “Big Day” but not all are here. &isomer are on the computerahow do I get them both together?? No doubt I” starting to get some of the stuff!! Love Mom

  2. Ann D'Angelo

    They are so totally gorgeous that I can’t believe you don’t work on 3D objects all the time! (Okay, I can believe it, because I know it’s the truth, but dang, lady – you made it look effortless!)

    The comic cracks me up every time. And I think this is the third time I’ve read it. And that won’t be the last. :D

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