Three Series of Bird, a Return to Acrylics

Three Series of Bird, 1-3 of 30 Paintings January 2015
Each 6″ x 8″, Acrylics

Yikes, I hate to be late. I was unable to start painting until today, January 5th, for the 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge. In order to catch up, I thought I’d try a series of three, painted at the same time and in the same colors.

These are very rough! (I think the middle one is the best one) I could certainly work on them more. But it was an interesting exercise and I suppose I must move on tomorrow!

Thanks for dropping in! Some progress pics below.

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4 thoughts on “Three Series of Bird, a Return to Acrylics

  1. Ann D'Angelo

    This was such a cool idea!!! Your palette for the trio is amazing. I think the middle one is charming, but I find I am kind of partial to the first one. Something about the eyes and the shadows around the eyes transfixes me. Also, I met want to pet him. :D

  2. Elena Caravela

    I actually like the three just the way they are. They all all individuals with different expressions, and rather appealing as well!

  3. David Jernigan

    Cindy, acrylics can be hard to work with, in part because they dry so fast. Thirty painting in thirty days is an ambitious project. I’m sure you will be able to finish the challenge. Looking forward to seeing more paintings.

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