February One, 29 Faces Challenge (and snow)

Three ATCs for February 1, 2015
Each 2.5″ x 3.5″ Copics, fine liners, gel pen

I am submitting three different kinds of faces for the first day of 29 Faces, animal, human and humanoid, including: The March Hare, made for an Alice in Wonderland request,  Dorothy, the fifth of the flappers, for a Great Gatsby theme, and Fairy Phee, made for a Fairies & Folklore theme at illustratedatcs.com.

Earlier this morning I shoveled the walk. And then it snowed the next 10 hours or so (Chicago area), so I suspect I will be taking a snow day from work tomorrow! In fact, I have already emailed the boss people. Hooray! I hope to do some acrylics for this challenge, and a snow day would be perfect for that. :)

Thanks for stopping in! Progress pics below.

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21 thoughts on “February One, 29 Faces Challenge (and snow)

  1. UUna

    Hello Cindy, thank You for visiting my blog.
    I love Your faces! They are very cute and well painted.
    I am with this challenge the third time. This is very interesting challenge.
    Have a nice day with snow. We have got new snow, too, yesterday.

  2. SusuPetal

    These are all cute! I especially like the humanoid, it’s so sympathetic, looks like it’s wearing its best party dress on!

    We’ve been also having snow here in Helsinki, Finland, for a couple of days. Now it’s raining, and all is wet wet wet :(

  3. Vasi

    Wow! I like your style very much, especially the great details and lovely colour palette! :) Looking forward to see more of your work.

  4. Tammie

    so wonderful to see each of these
    you have such a knack for creating wonderful characters

    have fun with that snow and paint
    we got about two inches…

  5. moongirl

    Wow!!! These are so amazing!! I have not ventured into the realm of copic markers yet. I am so in love with these (and Alice is one of my favourite stories!).

  6. Ann D'Angelo

    Hey CindyD! I joined the challenge! And as much as I love that flapper, I am head over heels for that rabbit. Seriously. I cannot get enough of those big gorgeous eyes or that sweet little smile. Or the light on his nose. HEE!

  7. MOM

    Love that Dorothy Girl-& who doesn’t love the Bunny!! Glad the snow gave you more time @ the computer !! by the way one day you’ll have to tell me why there is this keyboard & the “regular” hard keyboard?! OX Mom

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