Geisha Art Card in Pen & Ink

Tamako, 2.5″x 3.5″
Copics, fine liners, gel pen

It is Day 2 of February and Day 2 of the 29 Faces challenge. I was supposed to paint today but did not! I don’t know why I have this awful block about painting, but I’ll get back to it one of these days. :)

Yesterday’s digging out, after the fifth largest snowfall in Chicago area history, is done.  It was thrilling, of course.

Thanks for dropping in! Here’s hoping for good weather for all! Progress pics below.

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6 thoughts on “Geisha Art Card in Pen & Ink

  1. Ann D'Angelo

    Holy crap, lady! Make stunning art much?! She is a total jaw-dropper! Gorgeous, gorgeous eyes, and all of the hair ornamentation pretty much makes me weak at the knees. GO YOU.

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Those hair thingers are so fun! I wish I’d highlighted them better. Some seem to fade into the hair too much. :)

  2. David Jernigan

    Cindy, great Geisha illustration. I like the blue bird hiding out in her hair. You should make the girls of Ancient Greece. There are so many possibilities for your women of history illustrations. My brother in Michigan is buried under two feet of snow. Seems like all the snow that was suppose to land on New York City landed on Chicago and Michigan instead.

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