Steampunk Beehive and 29 Faces to Date


Calliope, 2.5″ x 3.5″
Copics, finer liners, gel pen

Notes from the Sick Room, Day 6:  The bugs think they are winning, but they are not. I will outlive you, tiny hellions! The worst is I feel better in the afternoons, but then the evening and morning are sucky again. Arrgh! Perhaps one benefit to getting sick is to have empathy for others when they get sick. Which I will. Because this is SUPER SUCKY. But I do like my beehive steampunk lass (progess pics below)!

29 Faces February 2015, the first 15
Mostly 2.5″ x 3.5″, pen and ink, Copics, colored pencil

And these are the first fifteen of 29 Faces. So, it is day 22 and I am at #16. Still doable, people! Thanks for dropping in! Apologies if I have not visited back, I am trying but the teeny bugs continue to sap my energy. Bah.

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11 thoughts on “Steampunk Beehive and 29 Faces to Date

  1. Memphis

    Whoa! Your penmanship is amazing! And those colours are so cool! The challenge can still be completed – I’ll cheer you on (against being sick and in your artistic endeavours)! Get better soon and have a fantastic day!

  2. Vasi

    I hope you have defeated the nasty flu and got better, Cindy. Some of those buggers are resilient, but so are we. ;)
    You have created so many great faces, I am in awe! :D I love the animals the best!
    Also glad to see the progress pics of the wonderful steampunk lady.

  3. clara

    Wow…..these faces are fantastic! I love the variety and gorgeous colors! Your work looks best when you collage them.

    Get well!

  4. MOM

    Do hope this Steampunk Beehive Lady has made you feel better-by the way did you notice this is the 2nd reply I’ve done on the “Hard” part of the IPad?! Not sure how I got here!! OX Mom

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