One Art Card, Two Dramatic Surgical Procedures

though accompanied Found Poetry ATC
2.5″ x 3.5″ Copics, fine liners, clipped text

Finally a bit more Found Poetry. This follows an absolutely thrilling week wherein Wilson (the dog) underwent emergency surgery for an intestinal obstruction. That’s right, our twelve-year-old Lhasa/King Charles mix with a bad heart, epilepsy, two previously torn ccl ligaments (back knees), and an enlarged liver, sent himself to emergency surgery because he ate a big plastic thing (unidentifiable after traveling partway through dog). And spent two days in intensive care.┬áHere is the culprit with all kinds of tubes at the hospital, and more recently, recovering at home.

Wilson, April 2015
After surgery and feeling better at home

Guilty? Yep. Almost unbearably cute? Yep. More Wilson here.

Perhaps you thought that was enough to make a thrilling week. You would be right! And yet, two days later the man of the house, Bert, underwent (planned) back surgery. A couple days were spent back and forth between the hospital (where Bert stayed one night and was released the next day), and home, where Wilson has approximately seven bajillion pills on varying schedules.

Both are recovering nicely. Also, I did this art, but not much else. :)

in progress (click to enlarge)

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15 thoughts on “One Art Card, Two Dramatic Surgical Procedures

  1. minnemie

    That is a very glamarous maiden showing her beautiful yet strong shoulder, holding down the fort while the men of the house are recovering from their various surgeries! Hope all are on the mend and that you get your necessary rest and art therapy while you nurse them back to health:-)

  2. Elena Caravela

    I do hope both your loves recover very soon. I do like the different sort of mood in this new piece. Lovely.

  3. Ann D'Angelo

    Awwwww! Poor Wilson looks almost chagrined. I’m so glad he came through it like a champ, even if he does have a demanding pharmaceutical regimen to follow for awhile!

    I’m also relieved to hear that the man of the house got to come home the next day! That’s good news all around AND a wonderful ATC. The composition is stellar!

  4. Neesie23

    I’m amazed you managed to do any art work never mind this beautiful piece with all that drama going on.
    I hope both patients are doing well. Wilson is so cute ^..^ I’m sure your hubby is too but I couldn’t possibly comment with not knowing him.
    Anyway moving on swiftly… love the strong woman idea ;D

  5. clara

    Hope your baby recovers soon!! They are truly family……
    Different angle on maiden……unique back view……love the poetry series!

  6. Leslie White

    Oh my goodness! You have had your share of bad fortune lately. I am so glad Wilson is on the mend!
    I like the art card with collage poetry! Good job!

  7. Carol King

    Lovely lady looking away from us. She’s beautiful from behind.

    Poor Wilson and Bert! Wilson is old enough now not to be eating plastic bags! And Bert with his back surgery. That’s scary. Glad to hear both are on the mend.

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