Cat Girls and Strange Color Schemes, Copics

(Left to right) Fern, Katja Blue, Anise, Fara
Each 2.5″ x 3.5″ Copics, fine liners, white gel pen

A couple people asked where these specific color themes were coming from, and the answer is a swap called “Build-a-Girl” with three columns of suggestions in these categories: Physical attributes (like wings, antlers, animal ears, warts, claws), Props (feathers, flowers, gears, elaborate jewelry, cigarette, books) and specific color schemes chosen by the swap organizer.

The above colors schemes are Pink/Orange/Green, Monochromatic Blue, Sepias, and Black/White/Red/Pink. Some of these color combinations I never use – like green with pink or orange! But it’s a great opportunity to do things outside your comfort zone.

Thanks for dropping in! Hello once again to Paint Party Friday!

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15 thoughts on “Cat Girls and Strange Color Schemes, Copics

  1. Clare

    These are great! Thank you for sharing the progress pictures too, it’s good to see how you’ve built up the colours.

  2. Ariane Zuber

    Dear Cindy, thanks for your nice comment ;) I love your drawings and my favourite is the grey one – I like the idea of “build a girl” – have a lovely and creative week…

  3. denthe

    oh, I love these! Especially the pink/green/orange one and the blue one. It’s so interesting to try out different colourcombinations. Have you ever participated in Summer of Color? That’s every year during June and July, and every week you get 2 or 3 colours to work with. One of my favorite challenges…..

  4. Ruth Hayes

    I think I like Fara the best. Interesting way to set up a drawing. It is good to be forced to use colors you rarely do. I myself am guilty of a significant lack of blues. LOL

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      I’m so glad! I love it too. I also love that it is called a snood! :D

  5. clara

    Wow……these are great. Your Fair Maiden collection is really growing! I love the monochromatic and sepia color themes……very creative set!

  6. bella sinclair

    Oooh, hello! I’ve had such a gray existence lately that it’s nice to come here into your technicolor world again. I love these color schemes! You’ve used them beautifully! These maidens are wonderful, especially their soulful eyes and cute noses. :D And that mushroom hat! I must have one.

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