Colorful Accessorizing in Pen and Ink

So these are my four latest art card maidens:

Four More Art Cards, March 2015
Each 2.5″ x 3.5″ Copics, fine liners, gel pen

Left to right: Jade, Brea, Gwennis, Violet. I should add that for most of these recent cards, I’ve been limited to a list of specific palettes that I don’t normally use. Which is an interesting parameter to work with!

I thought it would be neat to compare these most recent four to the first four maidens, made for the theme “Celestial Maidens” way in back in July of 2012 when I thought I should try to start drawing people. The features and details are a bit more refined in the current batch.

Celestial Maidens, July 2012

Thanks for dropping in!

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9 thoughts on “Colorful Accessorizing in Pen and Ink

  1. Ruth Hayes

    I rather like the earliest ones too. Your style has changed a little, but they are still obviously yours. It’s interesting you have combined the animals with the women now. I guess they didn’t want to be left out. LOL Why the limited palette?

  2. minnemie

    I love EVERYthing about the purple and orange girl – textures, patterns, goggles and bee!

  3. clara

    The Celestial Maidens are wonderful! The evolution of your style is interesting…..the facial features are so different. I do like the monochromatic colors in blues too…..

  4. Leslie White

    The black and white really pops when featured with other color portraits, Cindy. I think it is always fun to see our changes as we explore art and creating. Some are subtle and others just reach out and grab you. Your older creations, the ones you pictured are very analagous and the colors and contrast provided in the second batch create more interest… I do like all of them, though.

  5. MOM

    LIke all of the maidens-all are different & the profiles are
    beautiful-so lifelike!! Keep them coming-@ least I can send these by posting. Still having problems with “Facebook” OX Mom

  6. bella sinclair

    I imagine you having so much fun creating these and chuckling to yourself as you draw their little sidekick friends. Hehehe, love the pink bird! And though I love being dazzled by all your colors, I have a soft spot in my heart for black and white. Stunning! So interesting to see how your maidens have evolved. The early ones are marvelous too!

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