Four Girls on Various Themes, Copic Markers

Four Girls on Various Themes (click to enlarge)
Each 2.5″ x 3.5″, pen and ink

(Left to right: Celestus (with cat), Tamara, Francine and Skye)

Fine people of the blogosphere, I bring you my continuing tale of illness and the American healthcare system. No, not really. But I did go to the doctor three times in two months, and only on the third visit did I get some antibiotics, which I hope will help. But if it’s viral, they won’t help. But maybe I have more than one issue, who knows?!

The first doctor thought I would be over an upper respiratory infection soon and told me to wait it out. The second doctor, a month later, said I probably had adult onset allergies. And finally two days later, maybe bronchitis-maybe pneumonia, let’s try antibiotics. And if that doesn’t work, next is a chest X-ray. Yeesh.

Enough about that! Above you will find some new art cards, three on a Build-Girl-Theme with various attribute and color choices, and one more beehive-haired steampunk lass, Francine, at the bottom left. I’ve started a new Flickr album with all the fancy gals from 2015 to date.

Thanks for dropping in! More Found Poetry next time, perhaps! [And hopefully no more griping about being sick. Arrrgh!]

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12 thoughts on “Four Girls on Various Themes, Copic Markers

  1. MOM

    Love the 4 new Ladies though you’ve show the ctie with the Kitty for a hairpiece
    Bad typing or spelling- Ox Mom

  2. minnemie

    I am so sorry for the health run-around you’ve experienced, Cindy! I do wonder some times whether we have lost the ART of doctoring to the SCIENCE of machines… which leaves a hole when it comes to diagnostics… Hope your blue girl is not an expression of how you feel;-) I really like the dread-locky girl’s attitude that shines through! May you feel like her soon!

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Thank you, minnemie! More art and less being sick sounds good to me. :)

  3. MOM

    Please get better soon!! No fun when you have so any beauties to conpose & not feeling well!! We’ll call you tom nite to let you kow how all “went” OX Mom

  4. Ann D'Angelo

    These are marvelous, CindyD! I am so sorry and sad that the medical profession has not given you the speedier return to health that you very much deserve, but you are a trooper for making gorgeous art, even when you’re hacking and coughing. (At first, I typed “hacking and couching.” You might be doing that, too!)

    Just a couple of specific points: Tamara has the sweetest expression, and I adore the flower in her hair! The palette is wonderful in that one, too – not entirely usual for you, for which reason, its excellence deserves some extra applause! Francine is super stylish and beautifully shaded. A fantastic set!

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Thank you! Also, I read applause as applesauce, both of which I will happily accept. :D

  5. clara

    Amazing…..that you are still producing beautiful art while sick! Really hope you feel better soon. Maybe if spring ever gets here… can go outside for some sun. Believe or not… tea and chicken soup really does work!

  6. Leslie White

    The cat lady, for all animal lovers…. just has to be. I vote that the antibiotics work. Pneumonia is nothing to fool around with. Get well soon!

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