Many Trees in Pen and Ink, Post #350

350 Posts! That’s quite a lot. it’s also more than halfway through the year, which is complete madness. And since it’s that year I said I was going to work on and finish a book, I better get cracking.

The delightful Ann D’Angelo of Wonderstrange declared the first ten days of June, “Ten Days of Trees” over at art card site IllustratedATCs. While some folks went realistic, I … did not do that.

Three Tree Houses
Each 2.5″ x 3.5″ Copics, fine liners, gel pen

The first three trees are various sorts of living situations. The center tree, with it’s tiny initials “G.P.” is titled, Home Office, Gnome Poetry Correspondence School.

Three Trees, Three Faces
Each 2.5″ x 3.5″ Copics, fine liners, Prismacolor pencils

You might recognize the very weird middle face from the last post! Here we have the Cat in the Dragon’s Blood Tree Hat, the Oracle of the Forest, and the Oak Tree Crown.

Three More Trees

These three are a bit more decorative and doodle-y.

Some progress pics below. Thanks for dropping in!

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11 thoughts on “Many Trees in Pen and Ink, Post #350

  1. clare

    Cindy……these are fantastic! So many and so delightful! I adore the treehouses and all the details; mushrooms, beehives, and swings. Interesting three tree faces textures are quite different. What book you are working on??

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Thank you so much!
      And that’s an excellent question. I have a few ideas, and I have to pick one. And then actually work on it! As a first book attempt, it will probably involve a lot of the art cards I have done over the past few years. My next post will have an update. :D

  2. Ruth Hayes

    Congratulations on 350 posts. That is a lot of work! Your trees may not be considered “realistic”, but they sure are fun!

  3. denthe

    Why make them realistic when you can make some magical creations like these ;-) Love them, especially the ones with a face in them ☺

  4. Sal Scheibe

    WOW, your trees look amazing! So many styles and colors! Really gorgeous stuff here, Cindy. I love the lady with the pink tree hair, she’s so cool!

  5. bella sinclair

    Well, this is just awesomeness on top of awesomeness. I would so love to live in the tree with the pink leaves!

  6. Ruth Hayes

    I love it when you combine trees and architecture in your drawings. I think the one with the swing on the upper left is my favorite.

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