Tiny and Fancy Strikes Again (Strike Again?)

Three Fancy Women, One Treehouse
Each 2.5″ x 3.5″ Copics, fine liners gel pen

Maybe “Tiny and Fancy” should be my alternate blog title. The one on the bottom is not quite done – it will probably get some more black pen and gel pen. These are (left to right): Prudence, Yara the Soothsayer, keva (in progess) and Tonics Twenty-Five Cents.

Despite my repeated insistence I want to start painting,¬†actually making myself do it is proving maddeningly difficult. I should stop talking about it. (I’m not sure if that will make it more or less likely to happen.)

I have made book notes which are a very very preliminary stage of a book project. Perhaps I will have more to report next time!

Hello Paint Party Friday! It’s been a while!

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13 thoughts on “Tiny and Fancy Strikes Again (Strike Again?)

  1. MOM

    Love that lady Prudence! She looks so different & could easily be a real little Princess-did note what you indicated about “book notes” You go girl!! OX OX Mom

  2. sheila 77

    I love your tiny paintings, so much detail, and such clarity. and I do like all the patterning on their headdresses and accessories. Great choice of colours on each individual painting too.

  3. viola

    Such lovely ladies, and such colorful. Copic markers? I have a couple of them, but must say I haven’t tried them fully out..

  4. bella sinclair

    Love those lips! I’d like to think that these three lovely ladies all live together in that tree house. Wouldn’t that make a great TV series?

  5. minnemie

    Prudence drew me in… she looks real – like the fairy godmother is real… I just have a feeling I know her from somwhere! Must be from my imagination, which is indeed very real:-)

  6. clara

    Those eyes….and such creative names! I wonder where you come up with them??
    Can’t wait to see what book you come up with…..given the amount of work you have…..you probably will have no problems filling up the pages!

  7. Ruth Hayes

    The ladies look vaguely medieval to me. they certainly all have different expressions. I don’t think I’d like to cross Keva. LOL

    25 cents seems pretty reasonable for a tonic, I think.

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