New Listings from the Fungus Architect

Nine More from the Renowned Fungus Architect
Each 2.5″ x 3.5″ Copics, fine liners (one with Prismacolor pencils)

For those who want to know the names of these stylish abodes, row one: Mr. Big Feet’s House, The One with the Walkup, Sunflower House. Row 2: Home of the Newlywed Astronomers, The Quiet Place, The Red Bench. Row three: Pixie’s Place (Prismacolor pencils), Double-Wide with Rooftop Isolation Chamber, Threesome.

So many new ATCs, mostly due to the ATC (Artist Trading Card) art-athon over at last weekend. Lots of art and lots of trading is a fine way to spend a weekend. (Making art at breakneck speeds does not allow much slowdown for progress shots, but there are a few.)

Thanks for dropping in! Hello to Paint Party Friday! The posting has been sporadic. I notice the same with other folks!

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16 thoughts on “New Listings from the Fungus Architect

  1. Leslie White

    Ha!! Mr. Big Feet’s House just cracks me up, Cindy! What really makes it is that owl perched next to the socks. I don’t know why. It’s like you added a third thing next to the pair of items and we all sort of assume three things and one of them a little different really pulls the eye. …and then the fact that it is an owl next to socks just makes me grin.

  2. sheila 77

    I’ve just spent ages looking at these. So much detail!
    Love the two socks and the owl on the line, had a rest at The Quiet Place, a chat with the two delightful birds and the pot plant at Pixie’s Place and ended up at Threesome where I decided that the house on the left is my holiday house.
    Enjoyed the step-outs too, fascinating to see the pictures develop.

  3. Susan

    I LOVE these! How clever you are and being a Realtor, I really enjoy the idea. Let’s list them!

  4. Pauline Leger

    These are ADORABLE! I just love them. Love the names you gave them too. ;) I need to visit your Etsy shop soon. Fabulous talent you have. Happy Sunday! xx

  5. Ann D'Angelo

    THE ONE WITH THE WALKUP! How did I miss that?! The composition is absolutely stellar, and the palette makes me gleeful, with those tiny touches of blue.

    I am seriously digging the way you are incorporating your patterned backgrounds into more “naturalistic” backgrounds that are still totally and entirely you. The skies in those last two are dreamy! And all the green things!

  6. Nora Clemens-Gallo

    Beautiful!! Lots of details and bright and happy colors. Love them all!

    Have a wonderful day!

  7. Elena Caravela

    Love all of the “extra” details! I’m ready to bid on fungal retreat 1. Hope you can coax the owl to renew his lease;)!

  8. Ruth Hayes

    I love all of your little houses. I especially liked Mr. Big Feet’s house and his large socks drying over it with Mr. Owl supervising. The newlywed astronomers is fun too.

  9. David Jernigan

    Cindy, great colors on this set of illustrations. The stylish abodes glow with vibrant life. The color palettes are really great. Thanks again for the post on my blog.

  10. clara

    My Goodness……such EYE CANDY! Your house just keep getting better and better. And they look fantastic grouped together. The eye-popping colors, textures, and creativity……just love them! This is probably my favorite set of images so far!

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