Tiny Houses from Recent Days, Copic Art Cards

Six Tiny Houses, Mushroom and Otherwise
Each 2.5″ x 3.5″ Copics, fine liners, gel pen

From Left to right: Gnome Model Home; Home Office, Gnome Poetry Correspondence School; Yellow Single with Loft; Tonics Twenty-five Cents; Mrs. Parsley’s Getaway; and, The Blue One. Because, as I often say, I like to name things. :)

I believe I have a good idea for (at least a small) book, and it will involve many tiny houses. More details to follow eventually!

Thanks for stopping in! I appreciate everyone who stops in. You are a small but loyal lot, many of you, and it does not go unnoticed!

Not too many progress pics today. Sometimes I just barrel through without stopping. (Though the progress pics for several of these can be found in recent posts.)

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7 thoughts on “Tiny Houses from Recent Days, Copic Art Cards

  1. clare

    Yes….I’ve been a loyal fan because I just love your work!
    Another great set of tiny homes……love the details…..trashcans, mailboxes, flowerpots.
    Can’t wait to see your book of tiny homes…..they are actually in vogue now!

  2. MOM

    The details in the lil’ houses are amazing-can’t wait to see the story to go with them!! OX Mom

  3. Ruth Hayes

    Very cute. I think I like I like Mrs. Parsley’s getaway best. the tiny houses would make a nice book, although you know i am partial;l to architecture.

  4. Leslie White

    I always enjoy viewing your tiny homes, Cindy. They always cause me to imagine what some of the interiors might look like…. Like in this grouping, the one in the middle top that is all rounded. I imagine rounded walls and curving bookshelves and cabinets. Too cool!

  5. waughtercolors

    I think a book would be fabulous. Put me on the list, I will be sure to get one.

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