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The “Rambling” Conundrum, and a Short Timeline of Banners

Who knew, by the way, how often the term “Rambling” is used in personal blogs – sometimes in the title.  (Please, no offense is intended to anyone with Ramble in the title of their blog! The thing is, I’ve been in the blogging game less than five months, so much naiveté remains, I fear.)

See, I was perfectly happy with “Pen and Ink and Ramblings-On” as a tagline until I realized how many other people used it first (well, rambling. Maybe not “ramblings-on”).  Anyway, I think I shall change that.  Which means a new banner.

Then, I was looking at the evolution of my banner, even in the less than five months since I started, and it was pretty cool to see my my art progressing, even in that small amount of time. Because it is so easy to doubt yourself and forget that any skill takes time to develop – it has no choice except to develop if you actually stick with it. (I have no doubt scientific studies have been done in an effort to profit from understand this phenomena. I may even have read a couple.  But I sadly have no expert testimony on this subject prepared.)  Here’s the stuff I was talking about:

tsh Banner May 3, 2011

tsh Banner May 16, 2011

tsh Banner May 20, 2011

tsh Banner July 31, 2011

tsh Banner Sept 5, 2011

So, I recommend, particularly if you make your own banner, to keep all the versions.  Because it is neat.   I wonder what mine will look like in another five months.

Eventually I will get to that new banner but for now I have a steampunk sheep to ink.  :o)

Steampunk Sheep (Goat?) Initial Sketch