The “Rambling” Conundrum, and a Short Timeline of Banners

Who knew, by the way, how often the term “Rambling” is used in personal blogs – sometimes in the title.  (Please, no offense is intended to anyone with Ramble in the title of their blog! The thing is, I’ve been in the blogging game less than five months, so much naiveté remains, I fear.)

See, I was perfectly happy with “Pen and Ink and Ramblings-On” as a tagline until I realized how many other people used it first (well, rambling. Maybe not “ramblings-on”).  Anyway, I think I shall change that.  Which means a new banner.

Then, I was looking at the evolution of my banner, even in the less than five months since I started, and it was pretty cool to see my my art progressing, even in that small amount of time. Because it is so easy to doubt yourself and forget that any skill takes time to develop – it has no choice except to develop if you actually stick with it. (I have no doubt scientific studies have been done in an effort to profit from understand this phenomena. I may even have read a couple.  But I sadly have no expert testimony on this subject prepared.)  Here’s the stuff I was talking about:

tsh Banner May 3, 2011

tsh Banner May 16, 2011

tsh Banner May 20, 2011

tsh Banner July 31, 2011

tsh Banner Sept 5, 2011

So, I recommend, particularly if you make your own banner, to keep all the versions.  Because it is neat.   I wonder what mine will look like in another five months.

Eventually I will get to that new banner but for now I have a steampunk sheep to ink.  :o)

Steampunk Sheep (Goat?) Initial Sketch


6 thoughts on “The “Rambling” Conundrum, and a Short Timeline of Banners

  1. Carole

    Holy Big Nosed Bestiary Batperson, we have to get to know this sheila better!
    Thanks for stopping over at my largely ignored blog, gotta do something about that else how will we rule the Universe?

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      It just so happens I have a fan of accents in the house, and he was able to clear up the sheila thing, as follows:
      Me: I think someone called me sheila, but I think it’s slang. I don’t think she thinks my name is Sheila.
      Him: It means a girl in Australia.
      Me: Who is this girl in Australia? There are people named Sheila in other places.
      Him: Well, that’s what it means in Australia.
      Me: (lightbulb) Oh! She’s Australian!
      Him: Right.
      Me: No, I mean I just remembered the person who commented lives in Australia!

      Thank you for stopping in! It was a most excellent comment.

  2. Gay McKinnon

    Hey there bonzer sheila! You’ll have to get used to this kind of remark if you keep visiting us Aussies online. Thanks for stopping over at my blog too, where I use the word “ramblings” in my welcome speech – oops. Great to see this example of your artistic evolution! I keep a messy folder called “progress file” for the same purpose, so I can go back and realize that I really have improved.
    Did I detect a note of sarcasm about scientists in your post? (Hypothesis: scientists do research primarily in order to get money. Discuss.)

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      You did detect a note of sarcasm. Although to be fair, I’m not sure directing it at scientists is warranted. Mostly they are just following their mad thirst for knowledge. (Though, some of the psychology-types seem to be filled with hooey. And don’t get me started on pharmaceutical companies who, though they employ scientists, frequently seem rather evil. At least in the U.S.) Wow, how did I end up down this scientist rabbit hole? Oh right! I started it.

      Thank you for visiting! Do you Aussies get asked by foreign types about wombats much? I would like a wombat. Although, I am not a big fan of keeping wild animals as pets, so I guess I don’t really want one. Maybe I need to move to Australia and cultivate a herd(?) in the wild on my large ranch. Oh! It’s a “mob” of wombats (I looked it up). Well, that is sounding less peaceful, I must say.

      What were we talking about? :D

  3. Gay McKinnon

    You don’t want a wombat. They dig large, yes very large holes in your yard, they are very heavy and they have sharp claws. They’re wonderful looking beasts full of character though, which is maybe why they feature heavily in children’s literature in Australia (in the 60’s we had “The Muddle-Headed Wombat” by Ruth Park, now it’s “Diary of a Wombat” by Jackie French). They run along boardwalks in national parks and will knock you off if you don’t jump.
    Just checking about the scientists, since I used to be one (and still am sporadically). We’re so MISUNDERSTOOD…

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Ah-ha! Oh my goodness no, I totally dig scientists. (Particularly when they visit my blog, but other times, too.)

      Oh! Did you see that crazy BBC show, “Look Around You”, that made fun of old educational films? Very silly. Possibly mildly offensive to scientists. ;)

      I am sad to hear that wombats cause trouble. I have seen tv shows where kind Australians raise gentle, baby wombats and they are so super cute. I think I may need to do a steampunk wombat. Or kangaroo. Hmmm.

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