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Holiday Camel with Progress Pics

Holiday Camel in Subdued Copics

This week’s Illustration Friday topic is “Silent”. I had a hard time deciding what to do! I considered a reading room, or someone reading a book. Or people with hands over their mouths. Then I decided I would silence my color palette! Now ok, I didn’t really silence it. But this is extremely subdued for me.  Really! Just look to the right at all those teeny bright-colored thumbnails.

I decided I wouldn’t even use black ink. I started out using sepia but it wasn’t quite working for my purpose so I switched to gray. I just happened to have picked up a gray .03 fine liner, and that is responsible for all the lines in my Holiday Camel. Maybe, being green, she’s a Holiday Elf Camel! (Did you notice how I cleverly covered her right eye with the poofy hat thing so I wouldn’t have to worry about lining up/matching the eyes? I wasn’t planning to do that, but 1. I do like the flopped-over-the-front hat look, and 2. I was struggling a bit with the eyes.)

She is also, I must say, an extremely talkative green (elf) camel. Lately it’s all about Nathan Fillion.  Goodness, you never saw a camel so in love with Nathan Fillion. Anyway, in giving her the candy cane I have indeed silenced her for a time. (She loves candy canes so don’t think I was being mean.)

Anyway!  So ends this week’s convoluted defense about this beast being a fine candidate for the “Silent” topic. And now, some progress pics!  Since she is tall (9″ x 6″), I am going to attempt a horizontal gallery of progress pics.

Camel Sketch

Green Camel Color 1

Green Camel Color 2









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