Holiday Camel with Progress Pics

Holiday Camel in Subdued Copics

This week’s Illustration Friday topic is “Silent”. I had a hard time deciding what to do! I considered a reading room, or someone reading a book. Or people with hands over their mouths. Then I decided I would silence my color palette! Now ok, I didn’t really silence it. But this is extremely subdued for me.  Really! Just look to the right at all those teeny bright-colored thumbnails.

I decided I wouldn’t even use black ink. I started out using sepia but it wasn’t quite working for my purpose so I switched to gray. I just happened to have picked up a gray .03 fine liner, and that is responsible for all the lines in my Holiday Camel. Maybe, being green, she’s a Holiday Elf Camel! (Did you notice how I cleverly covered her right eye with the poofy hat thing so I wouldn’t have to worry about lining up/matching the eyes? I wasn’t planning to do that, but 1. I do like the flopped-over-the-front hat look, and 2. I was struggling a bit with the eyes.)

She is also, I must say, an extremely talkative green (elf) camel. Lately it’s all about Nathan Fillion.  Goodness, you never saw a camel so in love with Nathan Fillion. Anyway, in giving her the candy cane I have indeed silenced her for a time. (She loves candy canes so don’t think I was being mean.)

Anyway!  So ends this week’s convoluted defense about this beast being a fine candidate for the “Silent” topic. And now, some progress pics!  Since she is tall (9″ x 6″), I am going to attempt a horizontal gallery of progress pics.

Camel Sketch

Green Camel Color 1

Green Camel Color 2









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36 thoughts on “Holiday Camel with Progress Pics

  1. Piper

    Love the patterns and texture in your work. Your story behind the candy cane reminded me of my toddlers first experience with ice cream. I hadn’t heard that kind of silence in, well, forever!

  2. Nancy

    haha, no I didn’t believe your subdued colours – until I saw your other work! :D Well done, I think you camel is beautiful – especially the eye. Love you rstyle btw! :)

  3. valgalart

    What a wonderful body of work you have! Your style is lovely and refreshing and you have a delightful sense of humour to boot! I am a big time lover of colour myself and so I Love your art!!!

  4. Jess

    I think it’s so funny that you call this subdued colour. You’re like me, I do struggle trying to tone down the amount of colours I use, it’s been my perennial ‘problem’ for years! I love your bright colours and your pictures displayed all together in the sidebar are a joy to the eye!
    Jess x x

  5. Sasa

    I think your subdued color scheme works really well, great experiment, hope we see it more in future! (And thanks for your comment in my blog, ‘monkey in pear’ made me laugh so much, it really looks like it :-D)

  6. The Beast Tender Post author

    Thank you so much for all the nice comments! You guys are the best. (Everyone who said it’s funny I called the colors subdued – I know! And even this was hard!) ;)

  7. Maylanie

    Oh my, she’s delightful! I love how you have the top of her hat drooping over her eye, makes her look even more endearing! I have trouble matching eyes in everything I draw so I understand. =) Well done!

  8. Laurie

    I really love your style and colors and this camel is delightful as is your other work. I had never heard of Copic markers so I searched them online and enjoyed your steampunk horse process tutorial! Also – I love the swirls! Thanks for your kind visits to my blog. :)

  9. Karen Sagovac

    Fantastic! I understand completely the whole tring to subdue colour – worked on mine until I got to the hair! I have to say i have never ever seen a Christmas Camel before – love it!

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      I see other folks doing great work with subdued colors, so I will have to give it another try. :)

  10. Bella Sinclair

    She may be subdued, but she still makes a pretty statement. :) I think you are kinder to silence her with a candy cane than a cephalopod. I love her one gorgeous eye!

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