The Mushrooms Continue to Multiply

Recently I’ve been wondering whether I should stick with mushroom houses and make that my thing and do them for a couple years until I am making the coolest mushroom houses in the land. I do not know the answer but the production of mushroom houses continues unabated. (Also snuck in a pumpkin house a few months early for Halloween.)

Eight Mushroom, One Pumpkin House (click to embiggen)
Each 2.5″ x 3.5″ Copics, fine liners, gel pen

Row One: The Jolly Cot, Quilt Topped, Micro Units

Row Two: Blue Fae Cabin, House with Plant Monster, Unintentionally Suggestive Mushroom Home

Row Three: Daisy’s Fixer Upper, Mail Day!, Flower Top

And then I thought, let’s put them all together. Because large groups of tiny things are VERY NEAT. imo. Here’s twenty. (click to embiggen)

Twenty Mushroom Homes, woo!
Each 2.5″ x 3.5″ Copics.

Thanks for dropping in! A few progress pics below.

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5 thoughts on “The Mushrooms Continue to Multiply

  1. waughtercolors

    I really think there should be a book! I love the pumpkin one as well. It made me think, “wonder what Cindy would do with an apple house, or a pear house and a peach house would be really cool”. You’ve got me curious as to what you would do. I love your art and smile often when I see one of your works.

  2. clara

    All I can say is WOW! These look just amazing when grouped together…….you’ve got to do something w them! Calendars……greeting cards…. playing cards….picture book….even a set of melamine dinner plates!

  3. Ruth Hayes

    I think you should continue with the mushroom houses (although the pumpkin one is pretty cute too). Maybe sets of vegetable houses for your book. I like the one with the multiple mushroom houses too.

  4. MOM

    There is no way that I can find a Fav!-they are all amazing in their own Rite!! Keep them coming if that is your most enjoyment! OX Mom

  5. David Jernigan

    Cindy, a great proliferation of wonderful mushroom homes. How are the life drawing classes going? I believe you mentioned taking some a few posts back. They can really help an artist understand the human figure.

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