Still Painting in Acrylics, Haltingly, Dec 2018

Ok, so apparently WordPress has changed quite a bit since my last post three months ago and/or the WordPress update I just did this morning. Dangit. I liked it the way it was. Isn’t this always the case? I am just now, begrudgingly, used to the new Gmail. Grrr.

Here is a painting of fish bones!

Fishbones, 8″ x 10″ acrylics on canvas board.

I can tell you these fish bones were painted under some duress. Already days late for a Secret Santa at, the themes I had to work with included Corgi dogs, skulls or other anatomical type bone studies, famous artists, cityscapes. I found some nice reference photos for Corgis and these fish bones. And while some of you reading this thing may be able to produce art on a tight deadline, that is not a thing I have ever had much success with.

Perhaps as a result of completing these fish bones – at the fifty-second hour, til the wee hours of the morning  (and including the mini Corgis in ink, below)  – I should start considering myself someone who can, in fact, finish pretty decent work on a tight deadline. The stress though. Dang. 

Here’s progress pics! And like every painting I have ever painted to date, I almost gave up several times. I actually started a new canvas, thinking I’d try a Corgi. But since I was already a couple hours in, I decided to try to finish it. Always try to finish it! That is important. ;)

Oh! And here are the corgis! Three ATCs (2.5″ x 3.5″ miniature art)

Three Corgies, each 2.5″ x 3.5″ Copics, ink, gel pen on smooth Bristol paper

4 thoughts on “Still Painting in Acrylics, Haltingly, Dec 2018

  1. ruthsartwork

    Love the fish bones painting – light against the black! The corgis have a lot of personality, too.

    I don’t have the new wordpress yet. Kind of dreading it, to be honest. Nobody ever asks me. LOL

  2. Sarah M Kaiser-Amaral

    The fish bones are so intricate and complex, Cindy. I especially like how the warm underpainting peeks through. Bravo!

  3. bella sinclair

    Whoa! I mean Whoa! Fishbones! Beautifully done. The glimpses of blues and oranges bring these bones, ironically, to life. I find it amazing how painters know just the right undertones to start with. There’s so much detail, so many bones, this would have driven me absolutely batty. Amazing. And the corgis! OOoooooh, so cute! I really love the perspective on the third one.

    Fantastic portraits from earlier this year, too! Beautiful. And you choose very inspiring subjects. :D

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