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Sheila Green Eyes, Acrylics on Black Canvas

Sheila Green Eyes
4″ x 4″ Acrylics on black canvas board

Face #13 omg! Working on lips. I think she’s pretty cute.

She is also Maiden Number 159. Which seems crazy! But it started as 100 Maidens in July 2012. And then a whole bunch of time just went whoooooshing past.

Finally started using my Masterson’s Sta-Wet palette, partly due to encouragement from AnnD, who also recently got a Sta-Wet palette. (And yes, I think we both agree that sounds dirtier than maybe it ought.)

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One Painting and One Pixie for 29 Faces

Two more faces for the 29 Faces Challenge.

Josie Fuchsia Face #11
5″ x 7″ Acrylics on canvas board

I watched some painting and process videos this week, including this one on painting eyes, by Michael Lewis Art. So I spent more time on the eyes. BUT, I really need more help with noses and mouths. Like I keep saying. Dangit! More ugly (almost abandoned) middle stages below!

Here’s another fairy folk (similar features to my little flower troll) for a swap I need to finish. Like the last one, she may re-appear in color.  (Though maybe not until after the end of 29 Faces!)

Moll the Pixie, Face #12
2.5″ x 3.5″ pencil, brown Micron

Someone asked about the slideshow. It’s a plugin called Portfolio Slideshow that I added to my WordPress blog. Thanks for dropping in!

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Little Flower Troll, Face Number Ten

The Little Flower Troll
5″ x 7″ Acrylics on canvas board

It’s Face Number 10. I probably should have given the eyes a bit more time but it is midnight on a work night once again! I was worried my faces were looking too similar so I turned the canvas sideways. I think she is pretty cute.

Maybe an exaggerated nose or mouth next time because they are giving me lots of trouble. Arrgh!

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Denizens of Redhead House, Acrylics

It’s day number nine and Face #9 of 29. It is not love potion number nine. But I do love the Irish setter. In fact, the Irish setter is the reason I kept trying with this canvas. If you check out the progress pics in the slideshow below, you will see some very ugly middle stages!

 Face #9, Redhead House
6″ x 6″ Acrylics on canvas board

I wish the framed picture wasn’t right up against the right border, but I’m going to leave it. Even though “redhead” is one word!

I have been inspired by another 29 Faces participant, denthe, who has a tradition of posting a week’s overview of the challenge. I think it’s a great idea!

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Daughter of the Mantis Clan, Acrylics on Canvas

Hooray for Face Number 8, for the February 29 Faces challenge! And also Paint Party Friday, for which I am one day late – but yesterday was drawings not paintings. :)

Daughter of the Mantis Clan
5″ x 7″ Acrylics on stretched canvas

I felt a little burnt out the last couple days. I had (have!) several started canvases I didn’t like at all. Even though I knew if I worked with them eventually they would be better. Finally these crazy bug eyes appealed to me so I just kept at it.

Tons of progress pics below, including lots of very ugly intermediate steps. You just gotta keep at it! Which is what I keep saying. Thanks for stopping in! (Continued apologies for the photography and lighting omg.)

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Number Six and Number Seven

Janedroid Two
2.5″ x 3.5″ Copics, fine liners, white gel pen

Not exactly a face. Well. Sort of! Started this one a few weeks back and finished for #6 of 29 Faces.

Hattie Peacock
5″ x 7″ Brown ink on Canson drawing board

And for #7, an inked cat maiden. In a frame. And with a fancy hat! She will likely re-appear in color.

Thank you so much to all the 29 Faces visitors. I am visiting back when I can!

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Elsbeth the Red, Feb Face Number Five

Elsbeth the Red
5″ x 7″ Acrylics on canvas board

Elsbeth the Red is not only Face #5, she is also Maiden Number 153!

I think I need to look into layering with acrylics. It will require patience! Usually I’m very eager to paint through the early stages when the thing looks terrible! They always do. You have to keep going. :)

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Margaret and Penelope, for February 4

Margaret, Who Collects Vintage Thimbles
6″ x 6″ Acrylics and ink on canvas board

Margaret is Face #3 of the 29 Faces Challenge. She is not the best of my recent acrylic adventures. But a fine exercise nonetheless.

A Pixie Named Penelope
2.5″ x 3.5″ Ink on smooth Bristol

This little pixie was started for a Fairies and Folklore ATC swap. She is Face #4 (and may show up in color down the line). Her bird friend is called Warrick.

Thanks for stopping in! Go Go 29 Faces!

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Rocco and Harmony, 12 x 12 Acrylics

It is day 3 of 29 Faces, and this painting took all three of those days. I hope you’re not sick of these two dogs. They’ve actually changed quite a bit since I first posted them. And now they are done. (Or at least, this is where I’m stopping.)

Rocco and Harmony, Their Fifth Anniversary
12″ x 12″ acrylics on wrapped canvas

Also submitted for the topic “Exotic” at Illustration Friday. Harmony is from Hawaii, which is intensely exotic as far as Rocco is concerned. (He’s from the Midwest.)

Here you can see the changes. On day two I refined the left dog, and on day three, the right.

Rocco and Harmony in Progress over Three Days (click to enlarge)

I thought an eye progression would make a neat process shot.

Rocco, Eye Progress
Acrylic on canvas, detail

Thanks so much for dropping in! New art tomorrow!

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Two Dogs, Acrylics in Progress

Welcome to Day 2 of 29 Faces, and I’m still working on the two dogs. Their names have been divined (Rocco and Harmony), the color has been brightened, and many details added.

Rocco and Harmony
12″ x 12″, Acrylics on canvas work in progress

Rocco’s eyes and mouth went through some big changes (see progress pics at the bottom of the post)! He is looking a bit sadder, but also more three dimensional and his nose is greatly improved!

I spent 7-8  hours on this today. (I do hope my time will improve along with my skills!) I really thought I liked Rocco before, but compared to the new one, yesterday’s version looks very dull and flat.

Rocco and Harmony, Day 1 vs. Day 2
Each 12″ x 12″ acrylics on canvas

And now, a few terrific, instructive things I found while waiting (impatiently) for paint to dry:

Samuel Durkin – Acrylics, How to Paint a Landscape with Bluebells. He talks quite a big about technique (in this case, painting large canvases in acrylic) and about taking inspiration from nature and learning to slow down and really see the world.

Lachri Fine Art – Time Lapse Greyhound in Oil Over Acrylic. Accompanied by the artist playing the violin, a terrific dog painting.

Caroline Stanley – Painting Sasha the Border Collie. Also speed painting. Probably my favorite with that great close-up nose and face.

And one more thing! I could never have accomplished what I have with this painting, without the 30 paintings challenge in January. Practice is the only way I know to be improve at something! I don’t believe anyone who says they can’t draw. If you want to know how to draw, start drawing. Eventually, you’ll know how to draw something. People aren’t born knowing how to draw something.

Come back tomorrow to see the final painting (or more likely, later today). Thanks for stopping in, I know this was a long one!

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